The artists Betty Disco and Miriam van der Linden of papermakers studio De Papiertuin offering courses and masterclasses.
They offer a variety of 1 and 2 days specialized workshops throughout the year.
Experience with papermaking is not prerequisite for these courses. At the same time, for professianal artist too, a study of the possibilitis of paper art can be inspiring deepining of their knowledge of materials and techniques.

Basics hand-made paper

One-day workshop

In this course we make beautiful paper using traditional and modern techniques.

Painting with pulp and pouring pulp

one-day masterclass

Pouring pulp is an ideal way to make big and irregularly shaped sheets of paper. We start by pouring pulp in a mould, a complete system t...

Paper making from exotic plants and fibres

A one-day masterclass

In this one-day masterclass we explore the process of manufacturing hand-made paper with exotic fibres and plants.

Open days in the Studio.

Those who have already taken part in one of our courses, workshops or masterclasses, can work on their own projects in the studio. The artists will be present and can be asked for advice.
20 nov, 4...


Japanese Suminagashi, Leporello, Origami folder & Booklets