De Middelste Molen can be visited by individuals and by parties. A wonderful trip back in time.

During this instructive and unique experience you will not only follow the process of mechanised paper production, but also hand-made paper, with or without a watermark, is still made here. A product that is highly valued by artists home and abroad.

Operational days

During the opening hours hand-made paper and/ or machine-made paper can be manufactured.

Dependent on the number of orders and technical maintenance of the machines, Wednesday is production day. Would you like to know if the mill is operational, please, call +3155-5052911. On the first wednesday of every month, we try to run the machines and produce paper between 11:30 till 14:30 .

On opening days the mill can be visited and a guide will be present to give information and answer your questions.

The possibility of making hand-made paper, with or without watermark, is always possible.