For special invitations and cards or for a family album or anniversary book or a work of art we can make the paper you like. In this way you will give your paper a personal touch.

We make the paper you like, mixed with pieces of paper money, tobacco, fibres of asparagus, elephant poo, grass or whatever is devised by a creative mind.

A menu card for Restaurant De Librije in Zwolle has been made with fresh herbs and there are menu cards made of fibres of asparagus, which are used in asparagus restaurants.

Napoleon and the Kadaster (land register)

When, about 200 years ago, Napoleon founded the Kadaster, people at papermill DMM could not have had the faintest idea that, again 200 years later, they would receive an order to make some unique charters of special hand-made linen paper with its own watermark.

These geographical documents, with their own special wax stamps, were presented to the high authorities present at the official opening of the Arnhem-based new Documentationcentre of the Kadaster.