ANBI stands for Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (public welfare institution).

An ANBI contributes, one way or another, to the benefit of people in general. This might be a good cause, a church or organisation with a certain ideology. It can also be a cultural or scientific institution.

Foundation De Middelste Molen

fiscal number: RSIN 8008.63.720


De Middelste Molen
Kanaal Zuid 497
7371 GL Loenen (Veluwe)
Telehone 055-5052911


F.M. Leliveld
J. van Oorspronk
H. Oudejans
H.J. Reusken

Our policy document is aimed at realizing our targets. First and foremost we want to preserve and conserve our industrial heritage in line with the monument watchdog.
To realize this financially, we can selectively use BRIM subsidies, apart from our own budget.

Payment policy

De Middelste Molen is an organisation run by volunteers who receive no payment.


The main aim of the board of the Foundation is preserving De Middelste Molen with its historical mill and museum as industrial and cultural heritage in all aspects.

Furthermore, it is, according to the board of the foundation, extremely important to go on promoting DMM with its touristic and educational value to the region.


De Middelste Molen is open to the public from Wednesday to Saturday from 10.00- 16.00 hours. During the high season we are also open on Tuesdays.
Visitors, parties or individuals are received in our reception room where a short film is shown about papermaking in general and about De Middelste Molen in particular. After that a volunteer takes visitors on a guided tour along the brook, the waterwheel and the historical papermachine.

The papermachine is running dependent on the number of orders there are. During the tour the processing of hand-made paper is shown and interested visitors can give it a try, too.

In our papershop a complete range can be seen of all kinds of qualities and formats of paper, which are produced here by machine or by hand.

There are also workshops by artists cooperating with DMM. During these workshops, in our Lex Lokaal (Lex Studio), the basics of working in a creative way with pulp and paper using all kinds of techniques is shown.

Sometimes big art manifestations of more than one day are held here. Various artists from home and abroad, over the years, have worked in and around the mill using paper and pulp.

Financial Account

The Financial Administration is carried out by the treasurer in cooperation with E&W Brummen. Our annual report is also carried out by E&W Brummen.

For detailed information we refer you to E&W brummen.

Annual Reports

report 2017

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report 2016

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report 2015

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report 2014

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report 2013

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report 2012

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